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Neuro Consulting

We integrate latest technologies to provide you with the best combination of brain data for the challenges you face. The winning formula is in our understanding of both Business and Brain.
With more than a decade experience in neuro research and brain-based advisory, our expert partners can help you apply fundamental brain-friendly principles to diverse business challenges:

  • Internal communications
  • Corporate Communications
  • Corporate Mission, Vision and Values
  • Customer Engagement
  • Employee Engagement
  • Creative Process Management
  • Innovation Management
  • Recruitment and Onboarding
  • Skills Development and Employee Assessment
Neuroconsulting focuses on specific areas: Neuro Marketing, Neuro Research, Neuro Training

Neuro Marketing

Emotions drive behavior. Your customers’ emotional and unconscious reactions to your brand reveal much more than what they "think” about it. Neuro adds scientific precision to your marketing efforts.

Accessing and analyzing info from customers’ unconscious and automatic brain reactions to various visual and experiential situations

What You Get
The true position of you brand in your customers’ brains. You will discover:

  • The automatic reaction of the brain to your brand: positive vs negative and strong vs weak.
  • The impact of your logo, tagline and latest campaign on your brand positioning.
  • What people associate your brand with.
  • Comparison of your brand with major competitors’ brands.
  • Practical suggestions for improvements.
How we do it
We show your brand in various forms (word, logo, tagline, in campaigns, with various associations etc.) to your customers and/or other groups. Then, we measure how their brains react. We do the same by also inserting brands of your main competitors to see the relative brand strength. Our unique methodology gives you exact measurements and the confidence to proceed to the right actions to acquire the position you want.

Neuro Research

The company performs its research projects by using a variety of neuro technology, such as Electroencephalography, Eye-tracking, Emotional Face Analysis, Biometrics, Emotional Voice Analysis and others.

It measures:
  • Emotional Reaction
  • Emotional Intensity
  • Engagement Levels
  • Cognitive Load
  • Fight/Flight Responses
  • Visual Attractiveness
  • Visual Interest
  • Gaze patterns and Sequences
  • Stress levels
  • Fixation Levels

Neuro Training

Help your people develop brain-friendly skills in management and communications in order to engage, convince and achieve more at work. We offer a variety of training options depending on the focus of your team.

Our training programs are categorized in the following two groups:

Group A. Brain-friendly Communications: for sales, marketing, customer service and negotiations teams.

Group B. Brain-friendly Leadership: for managers, team leaders and directors. We design and implement totally customized programs to your company’s business needs.


Our Partner

Dr. Nikolaos Dimitriadis (PhD, MBA) is the author of books "Neuroscience for Leaders: A Brain Adaptive Leadership Approach” (Kogan Page, London) & "Advanced Marketing Management: Principles, skills and Tools” (Kogan Page, London) and an award-winning neuro professional, educator and consultant.

He is the CEO of Trizma Neuro leading a team of neuroscientists and experienced business consultants that use neuroscience technology to boost team and company performance.

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What sets us apart

- World-class Neuro Tech Scientific Methodology

- Highly Advanced Consulting

- Rigorous



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