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Talent Acquisition

Our aim is to put a suitable person, in a suitable position,
with the right compensation
Every person is unique and working in any environment is relational. This means that a single person influences the entire organisation as much as the whole has an impact on the individual. This interdependence is an important element of our work and it is why at Optimal we insist that a good fit is of great importance for Talent Acquisition and Talent Management interventions.


Our Methodology includes evaluation of the following elements:

Organisational Culture

Each individual in order to be productive, achieve, and make a difference needs the right environment - he must be a right fit to the culture of the company.

Organisational culture is the set of shared assumptions, ranging from the history of the company to collective values and beliefs, norms, systems, language, habits, vision, or, in other words, the behaviour of humans and the meaning they attach to those behaviours.

When a person is placed in a new environment it is important that he understands the key parts of this culture and that he be ready and willing to embrace or make the change, if so required.

A good cultural fit ensures that the new member can perform well in order to make the difference in an environment that can make full use of his/her skills, inclinations and competencies.
Using a sophisticated tool like the Climate Survey - an engagement and climate map to assess the overall culture of an organisation – we provide companies with an overall index of engagement and the perceived performance climate for everyone surveyed.

It becomes a benchmark for comparison of specific functional areas or job levels.

Movement of this norm can be tracked with future surveys to reveal a shift in climate and engagement.

The full Team

Teams develop, grow and change, especially when a new member joins, and understanding this process is vital to the hiring process and certainly necessary when we hire the leader.

Playing to everyone’s strengths and not their weaknesses is what makes strong productive teams with people that consistently perform to their optimum capability and are willing to 'go the extra mile'.

Looking at the whole team through our initial Client Needs Analysis we can assess employee engagement, which is the emotional commitment to the organisation’s purpose, values, direction and willingness to support colleagues.
We recommend the TEIQue™ 360 report & the TEIQue™ Development report:

TEIQue™ 360 report, (will lead you to Organisational Development) a multi-rater report which enables participants to gain insight into their reputation at work. Information is gathered online from the participant’s line manager, their peers, direct reports, and optionally, from customers.

TEIQue™ Development report (will lead you to Organisational Development) suitable for participants looking for general Interpretation of Trait Emotional Intelligence and suggestions for personal development.


Performance past and present

The candidate’s professional profile and career path compatibility supported with a proven track record of success and achievements are explored, including the relevant knowledge, major deliverables and expertise. The above is supported with personal references and agreed with our Client prior to commencing our search.


The old paradigm of the leader-hero is gradually replaced by more complex qualities.

Emphasis is given to the team and leadership is more relational oriented, based on collaboration and team involvement. This requires a new kind of leader who understands and will embrace the whole team and play at each person’s strengths and abilities.

At Optimal we look at those qualities and match the leader with the team and the company’s values and mission.

We recommend the TEIQue™ Leadership report designed for business managers and leaders to facilitate self awareness of their own style. It measures Trait Emotional Intelligence which impacts a leader’s ability to communicate, motivate and influence direct reports, build relationships with peers, and work with colleagues and customers. Developmental suggestions for each Factor and associated Facets are organized around relevant leadership skills.

At Optimal we understand the local markets and clients’ needs and we continuously expand our network of high calibre executives. We combine proprietary databases, technology sourcing, direct sourcing, and the strength of a core research group in a tailored approach for every client.

We have extensive experience in meeting the demands of key industry sectors and markets, such as FMCG, Construction, Health Care, Financial, Energy, IT and Retail networks.

We bring together outstanding talent whose expertise spread across all sectors of today’s global economy.

What you can expect:
  • A large network which enables us to source high caliber candidates for global assignments
  • Expertise and commitment to the highest ethical business standards
  • Highly qualified teams with long-term experience in local and global markets
  • Understanding of the market – We focus on our Client’s business and we familiarise ourselves with the internal environment and culture, building our familiarity with markets

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