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all about...Loyalty for Retail

all about…Loyalty for retail is the ideal solution for Retail Business

all about…Loyalty for retail is based on delivering great Customer Experience during any interaction with the brand, by constantly anticipating and exceeding their expectations while, at the same time, increasing Brand Revenues.

It is a Consulting & Training program designed in a modular basis, covering all aspects of the Retail business, which enhances Customer’s Experience with the aim to build long-life Loyalty.

1. Retail Branding & Design Management

Retail Branding & Design Management is a total retail design proposal and implementation plan

The Retail Branding & Design Management Consulting Service fully meet the Brands promises exceeding the customer’s needs & expectations by creating unique buying experiences. It comprises two main functions – benchmarking & execution and are accomplished by following four stages:

  • Define Brand’s Retail Positioning & Precise the Operational Business Plan
  • Design the Retail Concept, incorporating all Digital Retailing techniques & Apps
  • Develop full scale prototyping R&D and Value Engineering
  • Test on Pilots and Fine-tune based on Customers Research
  • Create Full scale technical Specifications & Documentations
  • Assist the Procurement Procedures & Assign to the constructions & suppliers
  • Create the Implementation Master Plan
  • Coach the Development teams
  • Implement to the POS
  • Assist the Sales force team & Stores staff training

2. Retail Consulting

Retail Consulting supports companies at all levels, to achieve their goals, grow their businesses and convert problems to challenges by launching a fresh and innovative perspective.

Our designing & implementation approach, goes through very precisely defined stages, such us:

  • Capturing and analyzing current position (points of interest, company image, executives, and profitability)
  • Establishing strategic decisions adapted to company’s needs (external environment, culture)
  • Creating Road map of actions and KPI’s for sucessful strategy implementation (product, price, promos, personnel)
  • Consulting for project implementation, steering, optimum utilization of resources and adaptation of all actions

3. Retail Digital Experience Management

Retail Digital Experience Management incorporates to our Retail Design Stage, the needs of the modern society for Information, Transparency and Easiness to buy.

We are implementing the full Multimedia In-store package, by:

  • Designing Digital Systems & Equipment
  • Proposing the right hardware and Multimedia content management systems
  • Elaborating communication content strategy and content creation
  • Executing social media strategy & campaigns

4. Retail Talent Acquisition & Talent Management

Retail Talent Acquisition & Talent Management provides in-depth market knowledge, invaluable experience and expertise in meeting the talent demands of retail industry. We employ best-in-class candidate sourcing tools and innovative technologies in order to ensure a tailored approach for every retail client.

Our specific services focus on:

  • Assessment & Development
  • Search & Selection
  • HR Development Systems
  • Temp Employment Services
  • Outplacement

5. Retail Learning & Coaching Management

Retail Learning & Coaching Management approaches the retail training as the key issue for any retailer. With a blended learning methodology we motivate human resource to offer great customer service and increase sales at the same time.

Our learning approach is concentrated on:

  • Building a Learning Retail Academy
  • Designing the content of all learning areas
  • Categorizing and organizing training sessions for all Retail positions
  • Organizing all training processes
  • Executing On-the-Job training in the retail shops
  • Implementing the Train-the-Trainers programs
  • Offering individual or team coaching sessions
  • Designing the product training mainly through e-Learning
  • Evaluating all Learning activities continuously

6. Retail Customer Loyalty Management

Retail Customer Loyalty Management helps Retail Businesses grow Loyalty of their Customers by using Customer Experience and Loyalty Tools.

We focus on maintaining and increasing Retail Loyal Customers who trust your brand.

The Retail Customer Loyalty Management program, which borrows the theory of Customer Experience Management, will consist of training and coaching services as following:

  • Training Program (3 days)
  • Coaching Program (flexible duration)

7. Retail Market Research

Retail Market Research helps companies anticipate customers' & consumers' trends & measure quantitative and qualitative results, with the aim to design strategic plans and grow their businesses.

We provide full range of retail studies and researches for retail consumers that determine the areas of challenges:

  • Mystery shopping
  • Customer Loyalty Index
  • Quantitative Research
  • Focus Groups
  • Tailor-made Research

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