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To assist you with your periodic or seasonal needs we can provide staff under a temporary employment contract for a complete, comprehensive service, hassle-free and at the lowest possible cost.

Optimal Business Action is one of the ten temporary employment agencies in Greece operating under the Temping Permit issued by the Labour Ministry. The law provides temp employment agencies the right to engage in countless employment contracts with the same employee over a 36-month period, thus providing unlimited flexibility to indirect employers.

Optimal Business Action is the official partner of Gi Group in Greece.

We undertake the recruitment process, payroll and annual leaves while your company's HR department focuses on developing your people and your finance department releases funds held for reimbursements. All employee salaries and insurance contribution claims are obligations of Optimal Business Action. Temporary employment has the following advantages:
  • Our invoices are considered an expense for your company, while you also benefit from VAT
  • You have the opportunity to try something new without creating competition among, or increase demands from the existing personnel
  • The periodic renewal of staff allows for maintaining the compensation at desired levels while sustaining the dynamism and enthusiasm of human resources

We ensure that candidates possess the required skills, IT certifications and foreign language requirements. If desired, each new hire will be trained by us in professional conduct and customer service matters. This way, your company will not be burdened with the time-consuming processes and the costs of training/certification.

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