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Using outplacement services comes with great benefits, including enhancing your organisation's image and employee morale. Outplacement services also reduce the weight and stress of the Human Resources and Management teams.

At Optimal we work closely with our clients and directly with individuals, to develop a strategic and methodical approach for effectively managing a Career Transition. It is a personalized service which includes coaching and assessment, proven to be beneficial in the effectiveness of our outplacement programs.

We assist your people to develop a long-term perspective and career strategy. Our market knowledge, contact network and active research in the hidden employment market give the required decisive competitive edge.

  • We bring a holistic perspective on change management, helping you to take care of both the employees who are leaving and those remaining, ensuring sustained engagement and preserving your employer brand
  • Our Outplacement Program can be designed and customised for either groups or individuals, depending on your needs
  • Senior management participants receive additional individual attention and services, especially during the extended program
  • Your company’s HR department may become involved during the entire process by attending meetings and supervising results or simply receive our detailed monthly reports for each former employee
  • Our experts in global markets can support your impacted employees with global career transition solutions through our partner networks

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