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all about...Loyalty

all about...Loyalty constitutes a holistic approach that focuses on maintaining and increasing loyal customers, who trust the products and the company’s services. Its success is based on building positive customer experiences, through Customer Experience Management, and it aims for emotional personalized customer service.
By implementing all about...Loyalty, companies build lifelong and beneficial relationships with their customers, with impressive and absolutely measurable results.

The benefits of implementing
all about...Loyalty

  • Improving customer-centric culture
  • Increasing employee engagement
  • Optimizing procedures, policies and systems using the customer-centric philosophy
  • Achieving competitive advantage
  • Increasing customer loyalty
  • Improving company's KPI's and business results
We represent in Greece, the noted consultant, author and speaker Chris Daffy with expertise in customer service and customer experience management.

The Pioneer

Chris Daffy was one of Europe's leading customer service and customer loyalty specialists. Chris was a best-selling author, serial entrepreneur and acclaimed international speaker. He had dedicated the last twenty years to understanding what makes the customer tick and how businesses can massively improve the experiences of their customer and so build loyalty. By concentrating on the customer, your business can grow exponentially.

Chris Daffy was one of the most experienced professional in Customer Service and Customer Experience projects. His books "Once a customer, always a customer" and "How to WOW your Customers" have already become international bestsellers and his clients included many companies of Fortune500.

Some companies that trusted him were: COSMOTE, TESCO, BAE Systems, Toyota/Lexus, XEROX, The Dorchester, DHL, BBC, Microsoft.

He had established Academy of Service Excellence and cooperated close with the Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SoCAP) on certificating participants from all his projects worldwide.


The holistic approach - all about...Loyalty

all about...Loyalty comprises a set of integrated actions and practices that fall within three pillars: Consulting, Training and Coaching Services. Companies and organizations may choose one or more actions from the three pillars.

Therefore we may design customized action plans, completely tailored to the needs and expectations of our clients, and focused on the intended results.

Consulting Services

  • Observation and Recording
  • Internal climate survey
  • Selection and Designation of the group of Ambassadors in the company
  • Consulting Support for the Human Resources Department

Training Services

  • Training of Management team
  • Training of Ambassadors' team
  • Training of all Personnel
  • Certification

Coaching Services

  • Review and Optimization of procedures and policies
  • Implementation of tools and project metrics
  • Increase of engagement through Gamification
  • Evaluation
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