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Why Coaching?

Coaching is a thought-provoking, collaborative, systematic process in which the coach facilitates the enhancement of work performance, self-directed learning and personal and professional growth of the coachee. Through Coaching process you:

  • Gain Self-knowledge and Self-awareness
  • Increase your Self-esteem and Self-confidence
  • Gain greater awareness regarding your real needs and desires
  • Get rid of old limiting beliefs that block your progress
  • Broaden your horizons and discover a multitude of options
  • Set goals based on your true values and deepest desires and needs
  • Enhance your motivation in order to become more active and achieve personal and professional goals through a specific strategic plan
  • Maintain commitment to your goals and review your progress systematically

1. Business Coaching

What we offer

Optimal provides Business coaching services for small and medium enterprises. The coaching relation can be established with the owner, the managers or employees of any level.


  • Enhance employee’s performance
  • Identify and clarify business goals and objectives
  • Learn how to focus on the big picture while paying attention to the small details
  • Give and receive feedback about strengths, weaknesses, progress, and obstacles
  • Gain business knowledge and enhance your business skills

2. Executive Coaching

What we offer

Optimal provides Executive Coaching services for C-suite Managers and decision-making stakeholders of the corporate environment. Executive Coaching involves the Sponsor (Business Entity), the Coach and the Coachee and is based on a mutual agreement regarding objectives and goals.


  • Maintain and improve professional & leadership skills
  • Recognize and self-manage emotions, strengthening your Emotional Intelligence skills
  • Become an effective Team Manager and develop Strategic Thinking
  • Improve productivity of services
  • Reinforce employee experience
  • Handle change, disruption and deal with challenges
  • Learn how to be proactive and to take Initiative
  • Become receptive to new ideas and generate alternative ways to view and define problems
  • Motivate employees and ensure engagement
  • Prepare future leaders
  • Gain Work-life balance

3. Team Coaching

What we offer

Optimal provides Team Coaching which focuses on enhancing a Team’s performance, strengthening its capacities and unravelling its full potential.


  • Clarify its common purpose
  • Adopt behaviors that will improve its effectiveness
  • Gain clarity regarding roles, goals and objectives
  • Acquire effective communication skills
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion
  • Learn how to manage conflict
  • Become innovative and agile
  • Learn how to work in a collaborative environment
  • Claim ownership and become responsible and committed to tasks

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"Coaching doesn’t take time,
it makes time.”

Tony Mayo

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