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2/2/2021: Yes, indeed, Training IS KEY!

While reading some statistics about Training, it ended up in the conclusion that... "TRAINING IS KEY”. Yes of course it is unless you use it in a wrong way…! In the sentence "According to a study, new sales representatives need an average of 10 weeks in training for their role. However, 26% of reps say that their training is insufficient", I recalled a recent personal story.

A few days ago, I visited a retail store with office supplies -top retailer brand! While I was looking for a chair office, I asked the saleswoman, an enthusiastic young girl, for her opinion, because I couldn’t decide between two different options. Full of enthusiasm, she told me that a couple of days ago accomplished a full training program, so she could help me buy the ideal office chair!

After presenting to me a gamer chair, an expensive chair, a bulky chair, I took the initiative to describe my need regarding the product I want, the desk which I already use at my home office, the budget I am willing to spend… I also found the chance to tell her which ones I was more preferred to buy. Finally, I did not buy anything; I wanted some more time to think about it. I was more confused which chair to buy.

My "after-thoughts” about it, is that this young girl was full of enthusiasm and positive energy, she really wanted to help me, but she did not know how to do it, because somebody did not train her for that! So, enthusiasm and positive energy and sincere smile are prerequisite for a hire, however training is THE KEY for an employee’s development in the organization!

What was the result of this story -practically?
A confused customer, who delayed his purchase because his needs were not met, a negative experience with a famous brand, a salesperson who could not communicate effectively with the customer and did not get the sale, and so on….

Training is not just a need for an organization, is a must have never-ending process. Despite the cost of training for employees, the return on investment is immense if it is consistent and systematical. There are a lot of tools and ways to cultivate a training philosophy in the environment of an organization.

A. Sales Training. Hard skills (what to sell) and soft skills (how to sell, why to buy from us) are necessary especially for sales and marketing departments.

B. On the Job training. This method is very useful especially for sales and/or new employees that need to be trained how to acquire their job skills, necessary for their new position.

C. Mentoring. Especially in the case of entry-level employees, they may be required to work under an experienced supervisor or manager to learn more about their job and gain experience in a shorter period.

D. Training in management. Giving employees’ more responsibilities, or senior level positions, you give them the opportunity to make a try to improve their managerial and interpersonal skill. This type of training is meant to prepare them for the additional higher responsibilities they will have in the organization.

E. Blended Learning. Classroom training, webinars, eLearning courses, videos, articles, Coaching, Gamification, Digital communities, are only some of the tools that an organization can use to cultivate learning and development for all employees, in cooperation either with an inhouse L&D department or by using a specialized partner.

Why training is the KEY? Why do we need it so much?

Holistic and continuous training can help companies bring measurable results regarding:

  • Better customer experience = More Loyal customer
  • Trained employees = Motivated and engaged employees
  •  Improved employee performance
  •  Less employee turnover
  •  Increased company performance and profitability
  • Building brand name of the company as an employer brand & love brand

Yes, TRAINING IS KEY, but you need to use it properly and create a philosophy of learning and development in the organization and do not forget to train them for ALL THE BELLOW:

  • Train your people for WHAT to sell -product characteristic-
  • Train people for HOW to sell the products -investigate needs and wants, make beneficial proposals.
  • Train people WHY to buy from you -show enthusiasm and positive energy.


Companies that invest in training and coaching their employees systematically can expect increased ROI in the coming years. Think about how much happier you are when you interact with a company that seems everything is running well; staff is engaged and has the knowledge and willingness to serve you. The positive memory is much more powerful than the same product you bought from this company. To bring such memories to your customers, remember to invest on your employees, by training them properly how to do it.


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