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11/2/2019: What is My Body Telling You?

Did you know that we have over 37 muscles in our face, which we have completely no control over? Did you know that even without talking, we are sending out signals to the people around us? Well, although it might seem a bit out there, your body language and facial expressions do speak louder than words. In fact, people remember and understand a message through a person’s body language about 55% more than they do compared to 38% from the person’s voice or to 7% by the words that a person uses. 

Body language has such an impact because, if you think about it, body language was the first way we used to communicate and "get our message across” when we were infants. It’s the first language we recognized, it’s rooted in our instincts, it’s the way we express our feelings and emotions subconsciously.

This finding is key for every sales person out there. Being aware of the way your body is positioned, the way you move your hands, the distance you keep from the person you are speaking to, can help you be more successful when closing a sale. On the other hand, being observant of your client’s body language is your secret to success. By paying attention to your customer’s facial and body expressions, you can be proactive and understand if they are agreeing with you, or if they have questions that need to be answered. Addressing both shows your customer that you are truly paying attention to them, and that you are there to sincerely help him/her find the perfect product or service. 

For instance, let’s say that you are explaining the benefits of a mobile service to a customer and you observe that your client has his hands crossed in-front of him and that he is slightly frowning; his stance and facial expressions are sending you the message that he is not yet convinced and that he might have more on his mind than he/she would like you to know. That is your cue to just ask, "I see that you are still in doubt about this service. What is on your mind? My job is to help you find the perfect product so I would be very happy to hear your point of view.” I think your customer’s body language just changed and became more open!

It might seem easy to understand, but controlling your body language is a skill that needs practice. Next time you are with a client, try being more conscious of your customer’s body language and yours and the way both of you are standing and moving. The things that happen subconsciously, and in turn, will have a significant impact on your sale will surprise you.

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