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29/1/2019: Becoming redundant is not necessarily bad, it's necessary.

In a career path which spans over 35-40 years everyone becomes redundant for a particular role at some point. The role may still exist, but the value provided from an employee and, equally, derived from it, may cease to. This should not be dreaded but, rather, embraced!

The days of single-occupation and single-company careers are long gone. Staying put in a low value proposition job is demoralizing and leads to mental fatigue. On the other hand, changing roles, departments, companies, even industries, can be invigorating. Thus, we should all plan our career paths with the premise of becoming redundant at least every decade. 

The younger generations are bored much faster and we are now seeing CVs of people in their 30s with multiple assignments. Switching companies every 2-3 years was considered a bad sign for recruiters and employers; now it’s becoming the trend.  Multi-cultural diversity in a company has been proven effective, so why not encourage multi-company experience as well?

Stagnation leads to complacency which leads to mistakes. Change leads to learning which leads to innovation. Give all you can to every role, take as much knowledge and experience as you can from it, and move on. Become redundant.

Menelaos Kyriakopoulos
Principal, Optimal HR Group & BoD President, CreativePharmaServices

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