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19/9/2018: The optimal corporate workplace

From closed offices to cubicles, from open spaces to hot-desking and home-based, the workplace has seen its share of fads.  Designer offices which include games rooms, professional gyms, and even rest areas are the latest trend; but is there really an optimal workplace?

Probably yes, but it differs from employee to employee.  Depending on age and personal circumstances, our ideal workplace changes throughout our careers.  In our beginning we may opt for the more social open space, the gym, and the games room.  When the kids keep us up at night we might prefer the rest area, while single parents may cast a vote in favor of the home-based option.  Ditching the daily long commute is also high on most lists.

So, if a company wants to attract and retain the best talent, a flexible workplace might be the answer.  Allowing employees to choose from a list of available options, or a combination thereof, is respectful of their needs, increases engagement, and maximizes their productivity potential.  The latter being a direct benefit to the company.

As talent acquisition becomes more competitive, as talent management becomes more demanding, and as employee turnover becomes more expensive, providing a truly flexible and adaptable workplace can provide a competitive advantage.  

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