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25/5/2018: Shift the focus from abilities to values

All companies are founded incorporating a person's, or a small group's, values and beliefs.  And it is the passion derived from the latter that creates the necessary trust which drives the company's growth.  But, as the organization grows and starts to hire people, the focus slowly shifts from common values to individual abilities.  

A CV lists exactly that; what a person has experience in and is good at.  It mentions nothing about what he or she believes in and what they consider valuable, in order to be more productive.

Most companies hire purely on skills and past performance.  Some use tools to investigate whether the candidate is also a right "fit". Very few spend time inquiring about the individual's values and beliefs. Yet, if these differ from those of the founders and, thus, the organization's DNA, passion will be absent.  

Very successful companies who lost their founder tanked, until they returned; look at Apple, Dell, Starbucks.  And it wasn't because the new managers were incompetent, but rather because they did not share the same values and beliefs.  They tried to alter the company's core, its reason for existing, and failed.

It is thus imperative for internal recruiters, or external consultants, to candidly explore this with all candidates.  This is not just to the benefit of the company but, probably more so, to the individual.  Because it's a pity for anyone to spend a third of their day, and the majority of their lifetime, doing something they're not passionate about.

And there probably never was a better time to start having this conversation than ​in the fast-moving, digital world​ ​we now live in.  
Shift the focus from abilities to values

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