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16/4/2018: Nurturing Leaders

Some people are born to lead. In the business world they often become successful entrepreneurs or CEOs. Steve Jobs and Jack Welch are prime examples. But a single leader seldom guarantees success, especially in today's competitive environment. Thus, the nurturing of business leaders in any organisation is mandatory if continuity of its success is to be achieved.

Numerous studies confirm that less than 1 in 3 corporation have an active succession plan in place for their C level positions. More often than not companies look outside their own human capital for such skills. And yet, an internal executive, who understands the values and principles of the organisation, is usually more suitable to help it grow.  

Future leaders should be groomed from the time they reach a C-2 level, or middle management as it is often referred to. Their managerial competencies should be honed through continuous learning and their leadership traits enriched through coaching sessions. Both their hard and soft skills should be tested and improved by the time they reach the top levels.  

Achieving this should combine the best of theoretical knowledge and real-life applications. It should allow managers to instantly apply and prove those experience-based theories during their daily duties. It should be delivered by industry-expert faculty, hands-on business coaches, and involve international executives as mentors. And it should be done continuously.

At Optimal HR Group we're proud to collaborate with Drake University in offering their "Leading Others" executive education program. 

For additional info please follow the link http://bit.ly/DrakeLeadingOthers_Optimal.
Nurturing Leaders

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