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19/3/2018: 3 HR challenges for success in the Middle East

Talent Acquisition was not a problem while the GCC economies grew fast. The higher average salaries attracted global talent and the good living conditions enjoyed in most countries, meaning entire families were relocating, allowed for longer stays.

The recent slowdown, however, generated challenges which all companies have to address in order to succeed. The following 3 are, in our opinion, the most important:

  1. Performance Management
    As growth is hard to achieve, companies need to manage measured results from employees scientifically. The routine appraisal systems used in the past decades fail to drive productivity, engagement, and performance. Currently, there is a whole new science & tech-based logic with regards to Performance Management which can lead to high employee engagement and culture change, thus improving accountability and financial results.

    This process will also generate digital leaders with the ability to keep teams connected & engaged, to oversee a culture of innovation, and to drive continuous improvement thru learning & development.

  2. Employment Brand
    High remuneration packages are no longer enough to attract talent. The digital world allows candidates to gather significant insight on a company’s culture, career advancement opportunities, and employee experiences.

    Employee experience is now as important as customer experience and continuous feedback, replacing the traditional annual surveys, allows for immediate corrective actions.

    The use of Social Media platforms allows for transparency regarding vacancies and the recruiting process, the company culture, and the creation of a desirable employment brand.   

  3. Technology
    All organizations need to embrace the digital tools available in order to become faster, adapt to change quicker, and facilitate rapid & continuous learning. Speed, simplicity, and adaptability are key.

    By using technology to improve Performance Management and build the Employment Brand, companies can become more transparent and can share & adjust KPIs, goals, and metrics quickly with everyone.
In the near future, the use of AI will also certainly reshape and facilitate the above challenges.

Successful Talent Acquisition and Talent Retention in the GCC will rely on the integration of the above 3 in every company’s strategy.  

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